In PANDA GLOBAL NETWORK we guide our clientele through SUCCESS and FLUIDITY in the world of Logistics, Transportation and Trading.

Panda Global Network services

Logistic Counseling

“To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge” (Socrates). The logistics world is in a continual progression, concordantly to the evolution of technology. We will face new terms every day, prepare our team for the unexpected complexities of logistics, but we will always council our clientele through every possible choice for the best possible More


We operate with every airline in the sky, hence providing you limitless possibilities for moving your precious cargo. We work with agents located at most, if not, every main airport around the world. Our agents are IATA certified, thus ensuring the proper management of your cargo in the airport of departure or arrival. We provide a full array of service options, such as insurance, re packing, More


We offer ocean freight services, with a vast knowledge of the intricate logistics undergone by your precious cargo. Our team is young, professional, highly skilled, dynamic, pro-active, therefore helping us personalize our services to our customers needs.   We handle every shipping line and coloader the client might require. We have contract agreements that will ensure lower rates, and More

Inland Freight

Through our worldwide inland logistic network we are able to provide you with excellent tariffs along with our customary “tailor made” services. We can handle any type of inland cargo; from parcels, to containers, to projects with their respective documentation, thus offering transportation alternatives accordingly to the need of every customer. As a final result we can reduce expenses and More


Through our network of custom broker agents worldwide, we are able to provide our clientele with vast information, regarding documentation, licenses (if needed), and duties among others. Every shipment needs to comply with the import and export legislation dictated by every country. We offer: Import Export Temporal import Temporal export Custom clearance More

Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics

Our 3rd party warehouses are under our responsibility, therefore operating under our directions, and our customer’s specific demands. We provide a wide range of specialized services from; distribution, inventory control, pick and pack to repacking, along other services. We can adapt and escalate our services depending on our client’s demand, provided with our logistic knowledge to ensure lower More


We operate with prestigious insurance companies, offering protection from departure to arrival. May they be by; land, sea or air with reasonable policy terms and best of all; liquidation guaranteed in the case of any incident. We offer custom design liability coverage concepts for customers worldwide. Furthermore, our expansive coverage terms, duration and fast claim settlements ensure customer More

International Trading