In PANDA GLOBAL NETWORK we guide our clientele through SUCCESS and FLUIDITY in the world of Logistics, Transportation and Trading.

Our company

Who we are?

We generate benefits for companies through personalized services, thus facilitating our integration to customer businesses.

Our human resource is the cornerstone of our organization, as they are prepared, dedicated, committed to serve and provide solutions.

Everything we do is reflected in costs reductions, services, and delivery times for our customers and investors.

What we want?

To position ourselves on the web, with cutting edge technology helping us develop into

a Commercial and Logistics ally, thus facilitating the needs and requirements of the customer.


For PANDA GLOBAL NETWORK, values are not just words, they are

  • Confidence

  • Honesty

  • Quality

  • Responsibility

  • Teamwork 

Competitive advantages

Attention to details will help us improve and better attend our customer needs.

  • Our client is not just a number, its our commercial ally

  • Customer service

  • Proactive cost analysis 

  • Technological innovation 


We diligently work on administering the best service and counseling available, thus promoting our clients and employees growth alike. We provide our teamwork with a suitable working ambient, with every tool available to reach their greatest potential, consequently satisfying our customer and improving business relations.